How to Use and E-Cig

How to Hit/ Use Your E-Cigarette

Everyone hits an Electronic Cigarette differently but this is how WE do it.  A good, solid hit comes from taking slow, long drags.  First, while you are pulling on your e-cig, close off your throat and let the vapor fill your mouth.  The mouth is where most of the nicotine from an e-cig is absorbed.  When it feels like your mouth is full of vapor, inhale and continue hitting your e-cig.  When you have had enough, stop hitting.  It's that simple.  Slow, long hits produce the most vapor.  Here is another hint...  Try pulsing your battery.  Instead of leaving the battery button pushed down, try pushing the button for two or three seconds, let go and immediately push the button down again.  This will draw less load on your battery.  Not only will this make your batteries last longer, it will also deliver bigger hits.  You can also try heating up your atty a little before a big hit.  Take a little drag and exhale through the mouth, then continue your hit like you normally would.  This little primer hit allows your atomizer to heat up before you take a big hit.  This will produce more vapor, and looks straight-up cool.  It's that easy!!